A Skirt Story

The thing about growing up in the hills is that it makes you very picky about momos. For those who don't know, momo is a Nepali dish and one of my favourite things in the world. It is a steamed dumpling filled with meat or vegetables. Nothing can beat the taste of the momos made in the hills. So like a true momo lover, I was hunting for the best momo place here in Chennai and believe it or not, I was once served momos with coconut chutney! But I managed to find a really amazing momo place that makes you stand in line for ages, but you get served the yummiest momos later. TOTALLY WORTH IT!

Now this is where the food story ends. That was a prologue to my skirt story. The real story begins here:

 So this one day I was craving momos so bad, I travelled an hour and waited in line for two hours for the 'yummiest momos' only to be told that the momos I wanted were over and the ones they served me were cold and not-so-tasty. All the pain I went through for nothing! Bad bad day! 

I started walking to the closest station trying hard to remember whose face was it that I saw first in the morning when I saw two men sitting on the street selling pretty skirts for unbelievable prices. Rs 100 for maxis, 75 for midis and 50 for the short ones! My bad day just turned good. Street shopping in Chennai is a rare rare thing so I picked 3 and this is one of them! Well, I am an easy girl to please. 

Top: BK Market, Calcutta
Skirt: Street shopping in Nungambakam, Chennai
Shoes: Clarks
Sunnies: Aldo
Bag: UCB


  1. Everything happens for a reason, lady! Love the skirt, can`t wait to see the others.


  2. I will hit you next time you come here and we meet. such a gorgeous skirt!!for that much!!
    and i can't believe you were given coconut chutney with your momos!

  3. I know. Momos of Hills are the best. Eating them almost 5 days a week.
    That skirt is for Rs. 100. You are kidding right. Next time you come kolkata, you are carrying one of those for me lady.

  4. The skirt is so pretty! Love the colour and the print.
    Coconut chutney with momos? Okay... :O


  5. I really like your blog. Very Calcutta. I recently started my own fashion blog. I'd love to get some tips. Check it out @ http://mymoodmyfashion.blogspot.in/

  6. Love the vintage feel.


  7. Ok. You HAVE to take me to this momo place when I'm there! If not for the momos, but DEFINITELY for the skirts!!!


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