Through and Through Maxi Girl!

Let's go straight to busting the myths first.

Maxis are not meant ONLY for beaches. Do not stereotype this beautiful piece of clothing! Well yes, when I do imagine myself walking on a beach, I see myself wearing a maxi, probably in white, but that's besides the point. Maxis can be worn in so many ways and in every damn place - college, shopping spree with the girls, to the movies, and yes, date nights and night outs too. Glam it up for the nights and tone it down for the day. God lies in the details. Carry a huge ass bag. Wear it with heels, wedges, flats. Accessorise or let the dress speak for itself. Be chic, classy or boho. A blazer will give it a chic look and think feathers, headgears and floppy hats to go the boho way. Basically, wear it as you please. Fashion has no rules, remember?

Men will tell you maxi dresses are nighties. 'What were you thinking?' 'How is this fashion?' Do not listen to them. Anyway, no woman has gone places by diligently doing what their man wants, right? A man who tells you what to wear should be said goodbye to. Wear the dress with confidence and feel beautiful in it. What do men know of unwaxed and bloated days? Maxis are godsend on such days!

'Maxis don't suit me.' 'I'm short!' 'I'm fat!' Enough of these already! I'm 5'2" and on the healthier side, but maxis look just fine on me, if I may say so! There are so many different styles of maxis. Find the right one for your body type. Wear it with heels to elongate your legs. Experimenting is always a good idea!

Like you have comfort food, my comfort clothing are maxis. Maxis find a way into my wardrobe every season. I'll tell you how they're perfect for summers and then how they're great transition pieces too. I manage to make them perfect for winters too. I'm just a through and through maxi girl.

What's your favourite piece of clothing?

Dress: Globus (2013)
Shirt: BK Market, Calcutta
Bag: Janpath, Delhi
Shoes: Charles and Keith
Sunglasses: Mango


  1. I absolutely love maxi dresses! This one is gorgeous. I love the colour and print.

  2. Lady! You make me want to break out of my inhibitions and start wearing maxis. Sigh.

    Also, LOVE how feminist this post is.

    Much love,

  3. You look great in maxis. Loved it on you !!
    And yes, seriously guys have no fashion sense at all.


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