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Let’s talk the unspeakable today. Lingerie! “You don’t discuss ‘bra-panty’ publicly, you know.” But we will!
First things first, it’s pronounced lonn-juh-RAY and NOT lin-ge-re. I can’t believe so many people still get it wrong. And not just that, they believe ‘you can wear just about anything under your clothes. No one’s going to see!’ Believe me, even if you have someone to show off to, it doesn't matter because men don’t care!
So that should definitely not be your sole reason for buying good lingerie. Lingerie is one of the most important parts of your clothing. It supports and holds and has nothing to do with having someone to show it to or not. Well of course, you have yourself to feel pretty for., India’s leading online lingerie store, looks after this need and many more of women. Once you open their site, you will not be able to close the browser without looking through the site at least once. The pink background and the bow logo did it for me, honestly. If that does not do it for you, the colourful lingerie flashing through your screen will definitely do it.

If you haven’t visited the site yet, shame on you!

Also, the site along with selling other major brands like EnamorAmanteBwitch etc, has an in-house brand (Pretty Secrets). We finally have a site selling affordable lingerie that does not look right off the streets. Affordable pretty lingerie in florals, stripes and all the other colours and prints you can imagine! But I did not shop from their site thinking their stuff looked nice because it was photoshopped. A few days later, I get a mail from them asking me to review their site. See my luck!

So I placed my first order after much contemplation regarding which one to buy and bham! Here it was in no time. +1 for quick delivery, another +1 for quality and +10 for looking the same in pictures and in real.
The underclothes I ordered are super cute and super comfortable though the corset I ordered turned out to be a tummy tucker shapewear, which was a disappointment. 

I would still recommend this site and especially their in-house brand for their product design and quality. Never compromise with the quality of your under clothes, it is in constant touch with your skin. As I write this, I am already placing my second order with them. They have some irresistible offers, go shop! 

My favourites from the site:


  1. wow its really beautiful design

  2. I believe that lingerie is to make your self feel good! I usually end up wearing better lingerie than my t-shrt when going to clg ! They have a nice collection !

  3. This is the ideal post for me, eh? Given everything I'm? ;-)
    P.S.Men care. At least some do.

  4. I want that 3rd thing. The white one. Link do!


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