Girlfriends to the rescue!

I greet you with my biggest awkward smile. I'd ask you to ignore, but hard to ignore, right?

We women can have a wardrobe overflowing with clothes, but when we have to put an outfit together we find nothing. It's like all our clothes become invisible. How does that happen? As cliched as it sounds, all those of you crying 'I have nothing to wear', I hear ya sisters! We shop, have a 'I have nothing to wear' moment and shop some more. It's a viscous circle! 

Next time you have this moment again, resist the temptation to shop. Open your closet and stare at it really hard. Think about all the possible ways you could mix-and-match. Now, this doesn't work every time and I can tell you it's irritating. So what do you do then? You call your girlfriends. Send them pictures of all the outfits you put together and they'll help you choose. 

That is how this outfit came about. For the last two months, I have been irritating my friends to help me decide on outfits. You see, the place I live in here does not have a full-length mirror. So I made my girls my mirror and these girls happen to be people I met on blogosphere. Oh, the little surprises life throws at you! 

Top: Commercial Street, Bangalore (DIY)
Cuff: Tibetan Mall, Bangalore
Neckpiece: Style Fiesta
Shoes: Forever New
Clutch: Vero Moda
Skirt: Zara


  1. Love the necklace - so vibrant!

  2. I agree. Girlfriends are rescue to any sort of problems, specially dressing up.
    Staying in Pg's, hostels, guest houses with no full length mirror is really really annoying. What i do is, I ask someone to click my full length picture to see if i look fine. Life of a Girl.
    P.s : I love you top and more than that the smile you wear.

  3. That necklace and you love !! :)

  4. You looked GORGEOUS that day! I knew it of course but seeing the pictures made me realise just how gorgeous you looked. I'm so proud to have played a teeny weeny part in this outfit! You could've tagged us though. :-(

  5. I've seen that DIY on Pinterest, you've done it so well! :) Very pretty..

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