PrettySecrets Review: Comfy-fit bras

Studying in an all-girls school is a different experience all together. We called our bras 13 12. 13 resembles B and 12 R, get it? It was our secret code. Though, to think of it now, I don't know why we ever needed the code since there were no boys around!

That random bra story because I'm going to tell you about PrettySecrets new range of bras. I received a mail a week ago to review the PrettySecrets Comfy-Fit bras, which they claim is their most comfortable bra yet. And believe you me, they are comfortable! You can wear them all day without wanting to remove them even once. It's underwired, but does not cut into your skin! It's slightly padded and has a three-hook band, which is the perfect size, not too thin or too thick. A thicker band gives better support and for daily use, that's what I would recommend! All this and it's priced at just Rs 599.

They come in pretty neon colours, which I obviously love. I'm tempted to go buy all the colours! But as you can see from the picture above, I ordered me a neon green, pink and black one. I have this funny story about losing all my black bras every single time! There must be a ghost totally in love with my black bras.

The best thing about theses bras is they're COTTON! Now as much as we women love our sexy lacy bras, nothing beats the comfort of a cotton bra for everyday use. And if they come in such edible neon colours, no one's complaining!

Here's a review of their site by me! It is the prettiest pink site.

The people at PS were also sweet enough to send these coasters. Total girl power, isn't it?

Aren't you tempted enough to buy it already? Let me give you a a little incentive too!  Here's some coupons for you from PrettySecrets. Happy Shopping, you guys! 

*This is a sponsored post. I was sent the above three bras for review. However, the views and opinions expresses here are entirely mine.


  1. No matter how tempted I'm,I'm katti with them. They sent these to everyone but me. :-(

  2. I love the neon shades so much sayantani!!

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