As you can see from the pictures above, I have put on a bit of weight. Alcohol and junk tend to do that to you. Stay away from both, you have been warned. Since this isn't a fitness blog as already evident from my pictures, I shall stop with my unhealthy lifestyle choices and discuss something that interests both you and me more: Fashion.

When you are on the healthier side, horizontal stripes should be avoided because they make you look broader. That is one of our 'sacred' fashion rules. I followed this and many other 'fashion rules' diligently for a long time. You see, I've never been the type to break rules. But once I started the blog, I started giving more thought to fashion and I got bolder and more experimental with every post. I wore horizontal stripes but always something loose so it never really made me look broader. Recently, when I saw this dress for 250 bucks (4.15 US$), I thought what the hell? It's worth a try! I should mention here that I love love love stripes.

It isn't a myth that horizontal stripes make you look broader.  But if you like it, you wear it like a boss, irrespective of your size. If you feel pretty in it and are comfortable wearing it, you wear it. YOU. That is the key word here. We women spend too much time trying to look perfect. We forget the beauty in imperfection!

Dress: Commercial Street, Bangalore
Shoes: Vans, Myntra
Belt: Splash, Chennai
Bag: BK Market, Calcutta


  1. 1. Stripe five!
    2.This dress is a steal!
    3.Horizontal stripes don't make one look fat. I wore that horizontal striped shorts in my fattest days and felt perfectly comfortable.
    And now, since I can't leave you without being bitchy, I understand alcohol and junk food but when would zumba show its 'kamaal'? :-P

  2. I love what you said!!! I could kiss you..in fact I will next time I meet you. But I believe the silhouette matters as much as the print does in giving an illusion of broader/slimmer shape. You look amazing here. And 250 only?? You once found printed leggings for 150.. you keep finding these insane deals!

  3. That is such a pretty dress.
    Even I heard horizontal stripes makes you look broader. I dont know if it actually does that but I wear it since I like it and you rock it like a boss for sure.

  4. Extremely laughing moment shots..i like the designer suits you wear and thought u enjoyed it most

  5. You look gorgeous in that dress and I love horizontal stripes.. doesn't matter if they make me look more fat ..


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