Layer Up!

Is it too late to wish Happy New Year? No. Never too late.

Happy New Year guys. I hope you achieve everything you want and deserve this year.

I've been away from the blog for 3 months now. That is the longest I've gone without blogging. So here I am saying hello!* Picture me with the widest grin waving vigourously* Yes.

I could brag about how busy I have been but no, that wouldn't really be true and life's about prioritising, right? The truth is, I just haven't felt motivated enough to blog for a long time now. I know I want to change things around here a bit. I still need to figure out what changes though.

Till then, I'm going to leave you with pictures of the outfit I wore to work a few days back. A good oversized denim shirt and a black dress, which does not necessarily have to be little, are wardrobe staples and who says you have to spend a bomb on your staples? I picked up the denim shirt off the streets in Pondicherry for 250 bucks, the dress at 60% off from Vero Moda and you won't even guess where the shoes are from. Bata for 550! Yes.  I really do pride my shopping skills, you know. The bag is a gift.

I love how sporty and casual this look is. Also, it hides all my flabs :D


  1. I think everyone needs a bit of a break now and again! So, happy new year to you as well! I love this outfit. The layered denim is just perfect.

  2. Okay, these were steal deals, I agree but you do buy VERY expensive stuff too. It's a different matter that I won't have the heart to give you those angry bloodshot eyes and say it if you look this cute! *Sloppy, sloppy kisses* Also, blog more frequently, please?


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