The Live Laugh Dressup Guide to Wearing a Jumpsuit

Different ways to wear a jumpsuit

Ways to style a jumpsuit - Live Laugh Dressup

How to style a denim jumpsuit during summer - Live Laugh Dressup

A Summer Guide to wearing a jumpsuit  - Live Laugh Dressup

How to tie a head scarf - Live Laugh Dressup

How to wear a jumpsuit - Live Laugh Dressup

Jumpsuits are basically adult onesies. So a toddler and you (in this case, me) are probably making the same style choices. Only when a toddler wears a jumpsuits, it is more for the comfort. Also, they practically live in nappies so they don't have to worry about undressing every time they need to pee. They just conveniently let it out.

If jumpsuits were human, they would be the most indecisive, confused lot. They are as easy to wear and as complicated to remove when you need to use the washroom.

The jumpsuit may have jumped up the fashion ladder from the wardrobe of toddlers, clowns and mechanics, but there is so much strategic planning that goes into wearing a jumpsuit. After all, wearing a jumpsuit is committing to a day of repeated undressing only to use the washroom.

The Live Laugh Dressup guide to wearing a jumpsuit

When not to wear a jumpsuit?

  • Alcoholic Sunday brunches that go on forever. Alcohol happens to increase washroom visits exponentially. 
  • Road trips when you have to be prepared for emergency peeing.
  • When you're living alone and your jumpsuit has the longest back zipper.
  • While the ease and comfort of a jumpsuit may lure you into wearing them on a long day at work, think of all the time you will waste in the washroom.

When to wear a jumpsuit?

  • When you're confused between a dress and pants.
  • When you don't want to go through the pain of finding a top to wear with pants or skirts.
  • When you're not waxed and have overdone maxis.
  • When you want to jump. Like literally jump.
  • Clumsy hoomaans *read me* who sometimes fall even while standing in one place, jumpsuits to the rescue. It eliminates the chance of a wardrobe malfunction.
I've kept this outfit fun, casual and summer ready with hair up in a tiny messy bun, a head scarf to keep strays off my face, Woodgeek wooden cateye sunglasses and the most comfortable denim jumpsuit! This anti-fit denim jumpsuit may just become my summer uniform. I will even overlook all the cons jumpsuits have in this heat!

Different Ways to Wear a Jumpsuit - Live Laugh Dressup

Photographer Subhadeep Saha

Denim Jumpsuit: Beyond Clouds via Koovs
Wooden Cateye Sunglasses: Woodgeek Store
White Sling Bag: Lifestyle
White Loafers: Westside
Scarf: Street shopping


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