I started Live Laugh Dressup way back in 2011 with a blog name I'm too embarrassed to say out loud now. Yes, that bad! Fresh out of college and trying to figure life out, this blog was my personal diary. For a few years, when fashion blogging took over the internet, this has been my style diary. Over the years, the blog has evolved to become so much more. I'm a 30-something woman, now living in Oslo, Norway. Come join me as I write about my love for fashion interwoven with stories about life, attempts at DIYs, travel tales and everything I love! 

Here's hoping to make the Internet a better place, inspire women to fight their insecurities as I fight mine, wear what they want and how they want, worry less about that double chin forming and build a community of women always ready to help one another.

Thank you for stopping by. Happy Reading!



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